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If you've been searching for a 100% FREE no-hassle way to use smiley images (emoticons) on forums or social networking sites look no further!

Hundreds of smiley icons sorted into dozens of categories
Automatically insert the pics directly into web sites in seconds.
Add the coolest images to your favorites list to quickly find them later.
100% FREE, no cost whatsoever, and guaranteed NO SPYWARE!

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Forums Smileys Frequently Asked Questions

What is forum smiles? How does it work?
This is a standalone application that runs on Windows (not a browser toolbar!). It allows you to browse through our huge selection of hundreds of smilies and instantly generate the HTML or BBCODE to insert it into your posts. All images are stored on our server so you don't have to worry about image hosting or anything like that again. It can even type the image code into the text box for you automatically by clicking the "send" button! (Firefox and Internet Explorer only). Since the images are cached on your local computer for browsing purposes there's no waiting around for slow web sites to load or dealing with broken image links like many of the others. We feel that the experience of using our product far exceeds that of the competition and we challenge you to see for yourself.

Is this program spyware-free?
YES! This program is guaranteed to contain no malware, spyware, adware, etc.

Then how do you afford to operate this site and develop the software?
Our Forum Smilies installer includes the Bing toolbar, which is completely optional and not required. Those who choose to install it are supporting this product, and experiencing a great new search engine at the same time. :)

What does this program cost?
Our smileys application is 100% free and works on all versions of Windows (including Internet Explorer and Firefox).

Can I get in trouble for using these smileys?
How you use them is up to you. Some forums and web sites have rules about linking to external images or using smilies that they don't provide (intentionally limited), so make sure you read the rules and know what you're getting yourself into to avoid any surprises. It also helps to be subtle. Forum Smileys.net holds no responsibility for the things you do with this application. We are not responsible if your accounts get banned, your dog catches on fire, or your grandma loses her hair.